The phrase, “The Greatest Generation,” usually brings to mind those Americans who grew up during the Great Depression and went on to serve our country during WWII.

A new survey found that college students believe they are greatest generation in history. The results suggest a surging sense of self-worth by today’s youth. The survey has been conducted since 1966, but this year’s numbers show an unprecedented level of self-infatuation. Perhaps more telling, the survey found that there’s a disconnect between the students’ opinions of themselves and their actual ability.

Parenting blogger and author, Lyss Stern weighed in on America Live. She believes this reflects children’s senses of entitlement and says it’s up to parents

to teach them at a young age that they must work hard before reaping the benefits.

“Gen Y” speaker, Jason Ryan Dorsey, thinks Stern has it backward. “What got us in this situation are our parents,” he said. “They gave us a ribbon, they gave us a trophy, they told us we’re great. And then those of us that went to college, our parents are helping us out. They say as long as you’re there we’ll help you, you know, just finish. And 80 percent of us graduate and move home and our parents take us back.”

Dorsey said today’s college students haven’t learned to connect effort with outcome. “I think my generation, unfortunately, we’re in for a very rude wake-up call when we do go out there and eventually hit the real world.”

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