In June 2010, President Obama accepted General Stanley McChrystal’s resignation. After more than three decades of service to our nation, McChrystal resigned amidst controversy over a Rolling Stone article. Tonight, the retired general sat down with Sean Hannity and opened up about the circumstances surrounding the article and his resignation.

McChrystal recalled, “One of the things I had to do was explain the war in Afghanistan to people in Europe, to Afghans, to American leaders, but also to families.”

Rolling Stone was just one of the media outlets embedded with the military. “In this particular case,” he said, “the account that that reporter produced was very different

from my interpretation of events or the nature of my staff.”

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McChrystal doesn’t believe that the controversy ever had merit, and yet he took the fall for it. He told Hannity, “When a controversy arises that puts my commander in chief, because that’s who I work for, that puts my commander in chief in a difficult position and that’s not my job. My responsibility is to support the mission, the soldiers who work for me and my commander in chief. So as soon as I saw the controversy was going to reach the levels it did, I was confident that at least I needed to offer my resignation.”

He went on to describe the feeling that he’d let so many soldiers down. The one person whose esteem and love was most important to McChrystal was that of his wife, Annie. He described her reaction to the news, “She didn’t get mad, she didn’t say that’s wrong. She said good, we’ve always been happy and we always will be.”

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