General Stanley McChrystal sat down for an exclusive interview with Sean Hannity. The retired general played a key role in the hunt for Usama bin Laden and the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan. He wrote in his new book, “My Share of the Task” about the missed opportunities to catch the world’s most wanted terrorist.

Tonight, he told Hannity, “In the early years, the threat that [bin Laden] posed wasn’t as clear. And I think people were reticent to accept risks involved.

I think in retrospect it was a big mistake.”

When it comes to the War in Afghanistan, McChrystal said he’s unsure of the outcome. “It’s an extraordinarily difficult place and I believe that much more needs to be done. I think the government of Afghanistan has got to step up more. I think our Pakistani allies have got to continue to shape their behavior. I think there’s every possibility for Afghanistan to move forward and come out successfully, but there’s tremendous risk that it won’t.”