Bill O’Reilly was set to have an interview with former Marine, Jon Hammar Jr., who was released from a Mexican prison just days before Christmas.

Hammar served in Iraq and Afghanistan and returned with post-traumatic stress disorder.

In August, Hammar was arrested in Mexico at the border when he declared that he was carrying an antique rifle. For four months, the former Marine was held in a notoriously dangerous prison and spent much of that time chained to a bed.

After being released, Hammar was hospitalized and has since returned to his parents’ home in Florida.

Unable to do the interview with O’Reilly, his father Jon Hammar Sr. joined the Factor to speak on his behalf.

His father said, “I think the pressure got to him a little bit and he’s not doing real great

right now. Physically, physically great but mentally I think we’re going to have to take a break for a second.”

Watch the full interview below: