Check out this video of a prank that a mom played on her eight-year-old son. She told him that he had accidentally bought a $50,000 car online using her Ipad. The prank definitely worked, but some have said it was a little mean, since it made Kenyon Papen cry before she revealed after about a minute that she was joking. Paula Papen and Kenyon stopped by Fox and Friends to discuss the prank, the video of which has gone viral in recent days after she posted it on YouTube. They explained that Kenyon had been shopping online with his father for a car that they plan to fix up together.

Paula said she has been offended that people have called her out for being a bad parent.


"I don't know how anybody could think that they could figure out my parenting techniques from a one-minute video," said Paula, adding that she would do it all over again. "It was hilarious, it was a lot of fun." Kenyon said he thought the whole thing was funny and doesn't see what all the fuss is about. "I think it's just a small prank," said Kenyon. Watch the interview:

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