In an interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer, Sen. Dianne Feinstein sat down with her fellow female senators, reacting to the record number of 20 women being sworn in this week to serve in the U.S. Senate itself.

"I don't want people who watch this show to think we're some kind of a sorority, because we're not. We all march to the sound of different drummers to some extent," she said. However, she

and her fellow female lawmakers have an ability that male counterparts don't.

"We're less on testosterone. We don't have the need to always be confrontational. And I think we're problem solvers, and I think that's what this country needs."

On today's The Five, the co-hosts reacted to the interview, with Andrea Tantaros and Dana Perino agreeing with the characterization. But what did the men of 'The Five' think?