A manager at a Denny's Restaurant in Belleville, Ill. told plain clothes detectives that they couldn't carry their guns into the restaurant, after a customer saw the weapons and apparently reported them.

The detectives had their official IDs visible, sources say, but were still told to take their weapons outside. Mike Gallagher and Alan Colmes debated on today's America Live, questioning whether or not this latest incident is an after-effect of the recent shooting in Connecticut. Gallagher, for one, believes it is.

"It's happening because of all the hysterics

that are taking place all over America in the aftermath of the horrific crime at Newtown," Gallagher said. "That sort of spineless manager would be the first one relying on one of those badged detectives to come to the Denny's restaurant's aid if a bad guy with a gun showed up."

Gallagher continued, saying that the recent hysteria is the 'anti-gun crowd trying to manipulate and maximize' the deadly events at Sandy Hook Elementary.

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  • The police chief in Belleville had some thoughts of his own on the incident, actually banning his other detectives from eating at the restaurant for a spell. However, after a sit-down, an understanding was reached and the authorities are now allowed to eat there again. Colmes says this is because the manager was simply confused about the company's policy to begin with.

    "This is a guy who acted in good faith ... he believed that policy was that only uniformed cops could carry guns [in the restaurant]," he said.

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