The fight over the fiscal cliff highlighted the deep political divisions in this country and revived the debate about whether our system of government is broken. One Georgetown Law professor thinks he has the solution – “give up on the Constitution.” Mike Seidman joined America Live to explain his perspective.

He outlined his basic argument, saying, “This is our country. We live in it. We have the right to have the kind of country that we want.”

Watch Judge Napolitano's response to Seidman's argument, here.

He argued that we wouldn’t allow the British or the French to tell us what kind of government to have, so why have “a bunch of folks who’ve been dead for over 200 years […] telling us what kind of country we have? We have a right to decide that for ourselves.”

He believes that the drafters of the Constitution got many things right. “When they got them right we ought to do them because they are right, but we ought not to do them just because they said to do them.”

Watch his full explanation below: