Top senators are questioning the accuracy of the information given to the makers of the new film 'Zero Dark Thirty,' which depicts the hunt for and eventual killing of Usama bin Laden in Pakistan.

The film gives the impression that enhanced interrogation techniques produced information critical to locating the Al Qaeda leader. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said last month, after seeing the movie, that the depiction is wrong.

Bill Hemmer discussed the film this morning with former CIA officer Peter Brookes, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Brookes said he is more concerned about

whether classified information was given to filmmakers for the production of 'Zero Dark Thirty.'

"We have brave Americans who are gonna have to do future raids, similar to what happened with Usama bin Laden, and I don't want our techniques to be exposed to those who may be able to foil them. So I'm very concerned about this. This is something that the Intelligence Committees should be talking to the CIA and to the Pentagon about and find out what the ground truth is here. This is a film and this is Hollywood, but this could have wide-ranging implications for the United States' reputation around the world," said Brookes.

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