A trial is underway for Jodi Arias, a 32-year old Arizona woman who is charged with brutally murdering her boyfriend. Her defense attorney admits that Arias stabbed Travis Alexander nearly 30 times, shot him in the head and slit his throat, but claims that she did it all in self-defense.

Yesterday, jurors saw some rather gruesome crime scene photos, heard audio of Arias’ conversations with detectives after Alexander was found dead, and listened to the 911 call placed by the friends who found Alexander’s body.

In the 911 audio, a man can be heard saying, “He’s dead, he’s in his bedroom, in the shower,” and that blood is “all over the place.”

Happening Now’s legal panel Tom Kenniff and Fred Tecce discussed the case earlier. Defense Attorney Tom Kenniff said that the defense is using a theory of the “battered woman syndrome.”

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  • He summed up their argument, saying, “This is a female that suffered from a pattern of abuse in the context of this relationship. Then, there were these events that unfolded in the shower where she dropped the camera and that put her jealous, abusive, misogynistic boyfriend into a rage where he attacked her.”

    Fred Tecce thinks the defense has a tough road ahead of them, especially given the fact that Arias presented several different versions of her story. “Unfortunately, these pesky little things called facts are going to get in the way of her defense. One, the evidence will come out that he tried to break up with her and tried to end it…”

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