Yesterday we told you the incredible story of a Florida couple who happened to spot a man burglarizing their home as they flew over their property in a single-engine plane.

This morning on Fox and Friends, David Zehntner gave us all of the details on how he was able to catch the thief. He and his wife were flying home from North Carolina and the flight route takes them right past their house. On Sunday when they flew over, they happened to notice someone in the driveway with a truck.

Zehntner said he has even joked with his wife in the past that one day they would catch a thief while flying over their property.

He said he dropped the plane to 300 feet and circled the house a few times, trying to figure out what the man was doing.

Zehntner said the burglar looked up at the plane a few times, but that didn't deter him from stealing a trailer from outside Zehntner's house.

"If you're stealing something from someone's house, if there's a plane circling you, might be a good idea to just drop it and leave. Had he just dropped everything and left, he wouldn't be in jail today," said Zehntner.

The frustrating part for Zehntner was that he couldn't really do anything from the air, and the noise in the cockpit was too loud to call police on a cell phone. So he followed the truck as it drove away, and at one point the thief even stopped at a red light right next to a police station.

The suspected robber turned out to be Gary Robert Haines, 59, of Virginia. He was caught by police shortly after Zehntner landed the plane and called 911. He now faces a charge of grand theft.

Watch Zehntner's account: