Putnam County Clerk Dennis Sant has refused to hand over the names of gun permit owners in his county to The Journal News. The paper created a national controversy when it decided to publish online maps detailing the names and addresses of thousands of gun permit holders in two New York counties.

Sant joined America Live and explained that while the paper had the legal right to publish the names, he believes the move could put gun owners in harm’s way. “I wasn’t going to allow the people in Putnam County to have to endure that type of scrutiny,” he said.

He argued that The Journal News’ maps present a roadmap “to those who have weapons and those who do not.”

According to Sant, residents of Putnam County have been nothing but thankful for his taking such a stand.

When asked by Megyn Kelly what, if anything, would make him turn over the records, Sant said, “You’re going to have to bring me into court, sue me and we’ll just go the whole nine yards on this situation. I’m not backing down.”