This morning on Fox and Friends legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. described one aspect of President Obama's new health care law that will soon take effect and could cost many Americans more money.

The issue is flexible spending accounts, which are set up to allow workers to save pretax dollars to use at a later date on medical expenses. Now, according to Johnson, the Obama administration is capping the amount you can save in the accounts at $2,500.

"This is the mean, vicious underbelly of Obamacare. This is the Obama administration saying

to middle-class America, you can't have those pretax dollars anymore to use for special needs kids, to use for maintenance medications, to use for organ transplant patients, to use for dental expenses," Johnson Jr. explained.

Brian Kilmeade said this seems like another "sneaky" way that the health care law raises more money for its much publicized goal of covering uninsured Americans.

"It is immoral. ... No one is telling the American people that this is a new tax hit. This is a new tax expense on Americans," said Johnson Jr.