Eight nurses at Indiana’s Goshen Hospital were fired for refusing to get the flu vaccine. Two of them joined Fox and Friends this morning.

Former hospice nurse Sue Schrock said that she had a longstanding personal conviction against getting the shot. “I feel very God-led in that we use natural alternatives in our home and have for 20-plus years. We feel like that’s the way healing happens.”

Former oncology nurse Joyce Gingerich agreed, saying, “I also have a very strong conviction that God wants us to keep our bodies healthy and to put in what we choose to deem as healthy. And I believe that the flu shot has a lot of adverse reactions and so I choose not to put it into myself.”

Despite the hospital’s claims that the flu-shot mandate was enacted in an effort to protect patients, the women say that the hospital failed to provide concrete medical evidence that the flu vaccine would actually prevent employees from passing the flu on to patients. Gingerich suggested that common sense solutions like washing one’s hands frequently and staying home when you are sick would be more effective.

The two knew that by refusing to get the vaccine they would be fired, but decided to stand by their personal convictions. Schrock said, “I felt like the Lord was telling me ‘It’s OK, I want you to do this.’”