Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin was on Fox and Friends this morning to discuss the Hurricane Sandy relief bill that stalled in Congress and the latest developments in the debate over gun control.

She defended Republicans' opposition to the $60 billion Sandy relief bill, which was not brought up for a vote because GOP lawmakers objected to Democrats loading the bill with unrelated spending. New York and New Jersey lawmakers, including Gov. Chris Christie and Rep. Peter King responded harshly to the delay, blasting Speaker John Boehner for not holding the vote.

"It's ridiculous to fully blame Boehner for the gridlock," said Malkin, explaining that bitterness over the fiscal cliff deal between Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) was also an issue.

Malkin was then asked about New York newspaper, The Journal-News, hiring armed guards to patrol its offices after publishing the names of local gun owners in an interactive map. The move came after the paper received angry calls and emails over the publication of the map.

"I oppose any kind of death threats or violent threats of any kind. But it is very difficult to muster up any kind of sympathy for these witch hunt journalists, who in the wake of the Newtown massacre exploited it to try and go after the very people who make this country safer. This interactive map was completely reprehensible," Malkin said.

"Did this paper go out and interview these people who were in the database to find out why they are armed now? It's because they are trying to exercise their rights to protect their homes. They may have been victims of home invasion robberies, domestic violence, they may be widows who are living alone. And instead of doing that kind journalism, no, they capitalized and sensationalized on a tragedy. Shame on them."

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