Students and faculty who survived the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary are set to return to school tomorrow for the first time. They will not be returning to the elementary school building which is still considered a crime scene, but instead will begin classes at a former middle school building several miles away.

Governor Dan Malloy visited with teachers today at the new elementary school. Parents were able to tour the building with their children and they will also be allowed to attend

classes with students tomorrow. Officials announced that the new school will be renamed Sandy Hook Elementary in order to preserve tradition.

Lt. Keith White of the Monroe, Conn. Police Department spoke of the security at the new Sandy Hook school. “I think right now it has to be the safest school in America. We have many different options in place. Most of Monroe’s schools are already monitored at the police department with cameras. […] We are going to remain our presence on the location until further notice.”

In an effort to make the children more comfortable, furniture and other items from the old school have been placed at the new one. Additionally, mental health experts will be on hand beginning tomorrow.