Syndicated columnist and Fox News political analyst, Charles Krauthammer, responded to Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points Memo. O’Reilly believes that in light of the fiscal cliff fallout, it is clear that President Obama doesn’t care about federal spending.

Krauthammer agreed, adding that there’s “not a shred of evidence President Obama has any interest in cutting spending.”

O’Reilly asked Krauthammer if he thinks President Obama is simply ignorant of macroeconomics. Krauthammer assessed, “No, I think he’s not ignorant but I think he has … this is a man who is so ideological, he is so committed since the days as a community organizer to undoing the injustices

he sees in the country.”

“We have the empirical evidence, it’s in from Europe. This can’t go on, this will wreck the country,” Krauthammer warned. “Maybe [President Obama] thinks our economy is so strong. And right now interest rates are essentially zero, so he can spend his second term piling up the debt and deficit […] He doesn’t want to leave a legacy of a man who balanced the budget, he doesn’t care about that.”