In a bill approved last night by the House to avert the nation's fiscal cliff, next year the government will collect 41 dollars in taxes for every dollar it spends. Now, one question being asked by many is - was this a good deal for Republicans, or should they have walked away?

Judge Napolitano didn't mince words this morning as he reacted to the vote on Fox and Friends, saying that Republicans "caved" last night, an action that is "churning the acid in the stomach for a lot of us this morning who believe Republicans were elected to shrink government, reduce spending, stop borrowing and lower taxes."

"Yesterday, in a rush to join the stampede started

by the Senate and continued by the president [...], they went along with raising taxes on the most productive and not getting any spending cuts in return," he said.

Napolitano continued, saying that House Republicans won on the promise that they'd do the opposite of what they did last night.

"When Republicans raise taxes they lose; when they cut taxes they win. They rejected that truism last night," he said.