Last night, Congress passed a deal that would keep the United States from going over a fiscal cliff. The deal includes $620 billion in new tax hikes and $15 billion in spending cuts. Further broken down, the government will collect $41 dollars in taxes for every dollar it spends. According to the Congressional Budget Office, it adds nearly $4 trillion to federal deficits over the next decade.

Congressmen Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and Louie Gohmert (R-TX) are two members of the House who voted “no” to that bill. Tonight, they joined Hannity to discuss the fallout and the fate of John Boehner’s speakership.

Sean Hannity wondered why Republicans won’t stand up and be the party of balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility. “It seems that there’s got to be a shift in strategy. That we need a party that is going to stand on this platform to save America,” he said.

Rep. Gohmert slammed the deal, saying, “When we spend a trillion dollars over what we’re bringing in

-- that’s being lumped on for our children. […] I look in [my daughters’] faces and I just think until we get this right, we are failing the future generations. This is abysmal. We should be making the cuts instead of engorging this generation with money we don’t have.”

John Boehner faced backlash from members of his own party after he failed to support a Hurricane Sandy relief bill. Tomorrow, the newly seated House votes for the next speaker but Rep. Chaffetz has no doubts that Boehner will be reelected. “Really the choice is between John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi so that’s […] an obvious one for me.”

Hannity assessed, “There has got to be a better messaging and I think the message is simple. We’re the party that is not going to rob from your children.”