One wealthy businessman from Kansas City is bringing some much-needed light into what is otherwise a bit of a dark holiday season for those displaced from their homes by Hurricane Sandy throughout the Northeast. His name? Well ... we don't know for sure, but he goes by "Secret Santa." It's fitting, seeing as though his plan is to give away $100,000 to those in need ... $100 at a time. He started his tour of kindness in the hard-hit Staten Island, where he handed out cash to many, including Olivia Bazile - a mother of four with no job. Video captured the moment (but not Santa's face) as Bazile broke down in tears when

she realized the gift she was being given. "No, you can't be serious," she said to the Secret Santa, before leaning in to hug him as she cried. "See if you can't buy a little more than what you would have bought before, alright? And just kind of pass the kindness on," he told her. "I have birthdays back to back, Christmas, and it's like, I have no income right now ... I feel like I just got a million dollars; it's only 100, but ... God is good, all the time," Bazile said later.

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Another woman from Elizabeth, New Jersey, had a similar reaction. Her granddaughter is fighting cancer, and her concerns are great. "My granddaughter's having surgery tomorrow, and I didn't have money to make it [there], and then they just gave me this," Elsa Hernandez said through tears of the crisp $100 bill in her hand. Fox News correspondent Gregg Jarrett was able to track down the Secret Santa, who asked to remain anonymous. During their phone conversation Friday afternoon, Jarrett asked him - why? His answer? He says he wants to set an example to inspire others to engage in random acts of kindness. "For those who are thinking about it," he said, "don't let fear block you." Break out the tissues for this heartwarming story: