Steven White took home $100M in Powerball Lottery winnings back in 2004, and he says that as he watches the scenario play out for this year's big winner Cindy Hill, he remembers the good and the bad that came along with the life-changing event.

The first mistake he says he and his family made? Coming out into the open too quickly before all of their 'ducks were in order.' It's a mistake he says he's afraid to say Hill probably made, as well.

"Nobody knows what to do when you win, but there

are a lot of things that you have to do, looking back on it," he said, adding that 'vultures' looking to capitalize on the new money will be circling immediately. "If people aren't on their front lawn now, they will be shortly."

As for Hill's statement that she plans on heading home to "get life back to normal"? "That's not gonna happen ... that will not happen," White said.

"There were quite a few rough times ... we've had a great run with it and we've done a lot of good things since that time, but the big question mark is you don't know what tomorrow will bring," he said of the struggles he and his family faced. "These people are in for a tough road, and I wish them all the best, and if I can help them in any way, I would love to do that ... there's no book and no guide to tell them what to do."

The key to a successful transition into winning the millions? "You need somebody who's somewhat impartial to guide them down that path that they're going to be on for the remainder of their lives," he said.

Still, life is very good for he and his family, eight years out, and White says the best part of the money has been the ability to give back to those less fortunate. "That's the greatest gift that we've gotten out of this."