Yesterday, we showed you a heartwarming photo of New York City police officer Larry DePrimo giving a homeless man in Times Square a warm pair of boots.

The photo was captured by an Arizona tourist, Jennifer Foster, and then posted to the NYPD’s Facebook page. It has gone viral gaining over 500,000 likes and over 180,000 shares at this time. DePrimo joined Fox and Friends this morning to talk about his act of kindness. He said that it was extremely cold outside and when he offered the man a pair of socks, he declined, saying "No officer, God bless you, but thank you for asking." DePrimo told Gretchen, Steve and Brian, “Here it is, it’s freezing cold out and he has the heart to say God bless me, I just knew I had to help him.” What brought DePrimo's attention to the man in the first place was upsetting – he noticed that someone was making fun of him. It was then he decided to go to the nearby Skechers store and buy him boots. “I walked in there and I said listen, 'I don’t care about the price we need to get him a good pair of boots, give me whatever it is that you have the best of,’” he said.

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Larry described the moment he gave him the boots, saying the man was surprised. “When I was sitting down helping him put on the boots he said, ‘Thank you officer, God bless you. Stay safe and thank you for doing what you’re doing.’” “As a police officer and just as another human being, you want to help this gentleman and I think that’s something that a lot of people don’t realize, things like this happen everyday.”