Arizona has now become the 17th state to refuse to create a state health insurance exchange under Obamacare. Instead, the state will be part of a federally-run exchange that will be set up by the new health care law.

States have until Dec. 14 to make a decision on the exchanges. The first photo below shows states that will create an insurance exchange and take on the costs that come with it. The second photo points out the 17 states that will not.

Judge Andrew Napolitano talked with Melissa Francis on Fox Business Network this afternoon about what this all means. Particularly, why are some states choosing to take on the added costs of running the exchange when the federal government could pick up the tab?

"Some states have governors, like (New York), who are part of the establishment that created Obamacare and are in favor of it and want to cooperate with Washington. Other states, like Arizona, are not part of that establishment and don't want to cooperate. ... So now, instead of Arizona paying for Arizona's health care and New Jersey paying for New Jersey's ... all the taxpayers are paying for this," said Napolitano, adding that the whole program will be paid for with borrowed money.