Pedro Correa is a 9/11 first responder, Iraq War vet, and a prison guard with New York State. He's seen what war zones look like overseas, and the Staten Island resident says that when Superstorm Sandy hit and destroyed his house, his hometown looked like just that - a war zone.

He and his brother ended up using a table to try to float out of their house; the table raft soon turned into a piece of their rooftop which they rode almost a mile to escape the rising waters.

Now, Correa says FEMA has given him $2,800 for rental assistance and was told he'll receive no more financial help until he's been able to 'wrap things up' with his insurance company.

"I'm not here to blame anybody," he told Neil Cavuto, "but I sure would like to see more help coming through." He added, "I go to my job everyday. This is their job, to get something moving faster down there."