Congressional Republicans tell Fox News that a proposal on a plan to avoid the year-end fiscal cliff has been put forth by the Obama administration, specifically Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

On Special Report, Bret Baier sat down with the All-Star Panel to go over the main points of the plan, but nationally syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer was not mincing words about how bad he believes this deal is for Republicans.

He said it amounts to spending increases, with even some stimulus measures included for fiscal 2013. It would also permanently increase the debt limit and raise the top marginal tax rates.

"It's not just a bad deal, this is really an insulting deal. ... Robert E. Lee was offered easier terms at Appomattox and he had lost the Civil War," said Krauthammer, adding that the administration is asking for "unconditional surrender" from Republicans. "There are not only no cuts in this, there's an increase in spending with a new stimulus. This is almost unheard of."

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Krauthammer said he believes the Republicans should just walk away from the bargaining table at this point. Unlike his colleagues on the panel - The Hill's A.B. Stoddard and The Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes - Krauthammer is not optimistic about a deal getting done before Dec. 31. When asked whether he thinks the country is going over the fiscal cliff, Krauthammer responded, "Yes. Everybody in one canoe, all the way down." Watch the full discussion:

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