An Oregon mom's decision in how to treat the symptoms of her daughter's illness is raising a lot of questions. Seven-year-old Mykayla Comstock has cancer, and mom Erin Purchase says that she gives her cannabis oil pills to decrease her suffering and aid in pain relief.

However, many in the medical field disagree with the treatment, including Dr. Sharon Levy of the American Academy of Pediatrics, who says that even though the treatment is legal once the parent has a recommendation from a doctor, it still allows the mother to administer the drug and determine how much the daughter needs without medical supervision.

Purchase, however, credits the drug with doing what

other painkillers couldn't. "Instantly, when she started taking the cannabis oil we saw a very good reaction to it," she said. "It controls her nausea, her pain - every symptom she had, she just turned into a normal child. I believe that the long term consequences of narcotic pain relievers are a lot more damaging to Mykayla than a simple, organic oil."

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A very serious side effect of the cannabis oil pills, according to Dr. Levy is an increased risk of depression, anxiety, increased risk of developing schizophrenia ... to name a few.

Do you disagree with her choice of treatment?