You may recall seeing video of a father and son imitating a 10-year-old girl’s limp as she walked from the school bus. Hope Holcomb has cerebral palsy and was apparently taunted by this man and his son several times. Holcomb’s grandmother caught the appalling incident on tape and now, William Bailey, the father in the video, will face jail time as a result.

Bailey claimed that he wasn’t mocking her at all but was reacting to his son being teased. He later changed his story and said he was walking with a limp because

he hurt his ribs and back at work.

The Holcomb family wasn’t buying his story and took the tape to authorities. Bailey pleaded no contest but the Ohio judge gave him the maximum sentence which is 30 days in jail.

In a statement afterward, Bailey said, “To Hope and her family, please accept my apology for my inappropriate behavior. I know that my actions were immature and lacked the respect you deserve. I didn’t realize the impact this incident would have upon both of our families and I truly regret it.”