Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee (I) has made headlines for the second straight Christmas season after his spokeswoman said the annual tree lighting ceremony at the statehouse would not be held. This follows Chafee's controversial statements last year, when he maintained that the statehouse tree should be called a "holiday tree" not a Christmas tree.

Chafee's office quickly backtracked Tuesday, saying the tree lighting will be held after all. State Rep. Doreen Costa (R) held her own, smaller tree lighting last year

in protest to Chafee's position. She spoke with Gretchen Carlson earlier today on Fox and Friends.

She said people are still waiting for a date and time for the statehouse lighting ceremony, but she plans to go ahead with her event as well in her office at the statehouse. Both Carlson and Costa agreed that the so-called War on Christmas is not made up.

"There is a war on Christmas," said Costa.

"And the problem is it's not just Rhode Island. I've been getting emails and calls and letters from all over the country. Why does Christmas have to be attacked? ... Just let us be and enjoy our day."

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