Where are America’s leaders? That was the subject Bill O’Reilly tackled in his Talking Points Memo tonight. The Factor host said that in order to turn things around in this country, we’ll need good leaders to step up to the plate. Politicians will have to put you ahead of their own welfare. “Elected officials who are honest, intelligent and daring – we need that kind of leadership,” O’Reilly said.

The question remains, where are they? O’Reilly has an idea, casting this observation: “The American media discourages bold leadership because it attacks politicians based on ideology.

So many strong leaders don’t even bother running, not wanting to punish themselves and their family.”

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That brings us to TIME Magazine’s nominees for “Person of the Year.” Among the nominees are Sandra Fluke, rapper Jay-Z, Jon Stewart, Karl Rove, and Vice President Joe Biden. O’Reilly already knows who he is going to vote for – PSY, the South Korean singer who is to blame for “Gangnam Style” being stuck in your head on occasion. “I’m voting for PSY, he’s my guy! I want him to be person of the year because that would send TIME Magazine a message: stop screwing around.”

Who does O’Reilly think will actually win? President Barack Obama. O’Reilly added, “You can see that we are living in a very shallow time in America. […] Truth is, we have very few dynamic leaders in this country. Where is Abe Lincoln when we need him?”

What this country needs, said O’Reilly, is someone to unite all Americans and help solve the complicated problems we are facing.

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