Pastor and author Rick Warren sat down with Sean Hannity for an interview tonight, 10 years after his book “Purpose Driven Life” changed lives. This past election year, Warren opted to not hold his presidential forum. He told Hannity there were two reasons for canceling it.

“I got disgusted with the campaigning. I felt like because there was no real vision of the future being presented, it was all attack,” said Warren.

The second reason he cited was because he started working on something that mattered to him more

– religious liberty. Warren is planning a national congress on religious liberty which will combine politicians and leaders of all faiths to talk about religious freedom.

He said, “America was founded on the religious liberty, freedom of conscience. And we’re seeing this be caved in in government, in academics, in a lot of different areas. […] I think religious liberty is going to be the civil rights issue of the next decade.”

Find out what Warren says are "creeping liberty destroyers" in the clip below: