A San Antonio, Texas, school district is experimenting with tracking chips that are embedded in students' ID cards. School officials will be able to see where kids are at all times on school grounds. While some parents have expressed concerns over privacy, the district says the tracking chips will help keep the children safe and increase attendance which will bring in more state funding.

On Varney & Co. this morning, Judge Andrew Napolitano said he believes a court would side with the school if the program is challenged, but he also pointed out that this is another example of increasing surveillance by the government or authorities.

"When they're in the school building, I think the courts would uphold this. Even though I think

it would begin a dangerous slope as a reasonable way of monitoring," Napolitano said. Varney pointed out that there is a big difference between this proposal and wanting to put a chip on the student.

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"There is a huge difference," the judge said. "But a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This is that step."

FBN contributor Charles Payne then pointed out that it won't be long before students figure out a way around this monitoring system. For example, what happens when a group gives their ID's to a student who is in class, and then a bunch of them go somewhere else?

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