Some are calling it the scariest prank ever; others, the funniest. Either way, it was intended to make folks (at home, at least) laugh when Brazil's practical joke show 'Programa Silvano Santos' taped unsuspecting elevator riders stepping into the space, the lights going out, and then a ghostly dressed little girl appearing through a trap door and screaming at the riders.

Now, questions of liability are being raised, with Fox News legal analyst Arthur Aidala telling Megyn Kelly on Wednesday that in this case, the elevator riders could sue the show for intentional affliction of extreme emotional disturbance. "Basically," Aidala said, "you're trying to freak people out. Clearly it's intentional."

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  • He also said there's no assumption of risk, as there would be when boarding a scary ride at an amusement park or the like. According to Aidala, those pranked could even argue trauma if they could show some significant amount of treatment by a psychologist.

    Then, there's the issue of humiliation. The YouTube video of the prank has gone viral and been seen so far by about 6 million people. See what else is at stake, below. Plus, WATCH the prank!

    More Video of The Prank:

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