The Powerball jackpot has risen yet again, reaching $500 million dollars -- that’s half a billion, you know! So what are your chances of winning the big prize?

It turns out, you have a one in 175,000,000 shot of taking home the jackpot.

Putting that in perspective, experts say your chances of getting struck by lightning are one in one million. That’s 75 times more likely that you’ll get hit by lightning than winning. It’s 55 times more likely that space debris will come crashing down on someone.

Maybe you should try a different kind of gamble, because your odds of being dealt a royal flush in poker are a mere one in 649,739 by comparison.

There’s also the chance that no one will win tomorrow night seeing that no one has won in the last 16 drawings. Of course, optimists out there will point out that you have a zero chance of winning the jackpot if you don’t play.

For more interesting stats, and what numbers you shouldn't play ... check out the clip below!