Megyn Kelly discussed the newly released nominations for Time Magazine's Person of the Year this afternoon on America Live, including one that has raised some eyebrows considering the people who have been named in years past.

Sandra Fluke, at the time a Georgetown University law student, became nationally known earlier this year after some controversial comments about her by radio host Rush Limbaugh. She even received a phone call of support from President Obama, and delivered a fiery speech at the DNC.

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Fluke was called a "slut" by Limbaugh - who later apologized - after she testified before a House committee that many college students were struggling financially because they have to pay for birth control on their own.

Kelly talked to radio hosts Lars Larson and Leslie Marshall about the issue on America Live.

Larson scoffed at Fluke making it onto the list, calling her a "poster child for the Santa Claus presidency of Barack Obama, the food stamp presidency of Barack Obama," and adding that the president governs by a philosophy of "everything you want the government will give you."

Marshall, however, said she has no problem with Fluke making the list of nominees, though she also said she would not agree if she ends up winning.

"Sandra Fluke started a conversation that really in a sense had been put back in the closet in America. And that's regarding women's reproductive rights, the rights of women and where tax dollars should and shouldn't go. ... I feel she did make a contribution to society within women's rights. Certainly we see how many women voted. I think a lot of women actually came together both left and right over this very issue," Marshall said.

Watch the full debate:

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