Laura Ingraham had harsh words for Republicans this morning on Fox and Friends, taking some lawmakers to task for already signaling a willingness to compromise on their anti-tax pledge.

She made the point that Republicans are giving in too early in the negotiations on a new plan to avoid the year-end fiscal cliff.

"[When you go into a job negotiation] do you start by asking for a pay cut?" Ingraham asked, saying "you don't start by handing things over to the Democrats."

And she made a bold prediction for the GOP if they compromise on taxes without being able to also show significant spending cuts to the American people.

"Republicans should look forward to a 2014 wipeout if they compromise [on taxes] without getting some real, verifiable cuts. And I just don't see those coming," she said.

Watch the full interview below, including Ingraham's take on the situation between Republicans and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, who is expected to be nominated as the next secretary of state.