Tonight on Hannity, he took on liberal news anchors for playing the race card to attack Republicans like Mitt Romney and John McCain. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews stated on his show this past week that Romney ran on the notion that “white men of property rule the country.”

Senator John McCain is accused of being a racist by those on the left for questioning Amb. Susan Rice over the role she played in touting a false story on the Libya attack. Sean Hannity asked, “The more despicable thing is because people are critical, justifiably so, 'racism, sexism,' are we now going to hear this every time anybody dares to disagree with a liberal?”

Fox News political analyst Juan Williams disagrees

with Hannity about the Libya issue. He said he doesn’t understand why the Republican senators are going after Amb. Rice. While Williams and others may have thought the circumstances surrounding the attack were suspicious, he defended Rice, saying that, “her job is to tell the American people what our intelligence community says is their official assessment on the ground at the time, and that’s what she did.”

When it comes to the liberal media accusing the GOP of racism, Williams said, “There is so much hypocrisy because the left, you’ll recall, would go after Condoleezza Rice, they’d go after Colin Powell. They’ve gone after anybody on the right that they don’t like; especially a black person is somehow traitorous and wrongheaded.”

While Williams may disagree with the senators for going after Amb. Rice, he said the argument that they’re doing it because she is a black woman “is really playing a card intended to hurt and diminish people from legitimately raising questions.”