The Florida Sheriff’s Office admitted Sunday to missing what may have been key evidence in the Casey Anthony murder trial. Detectives overlooked a Google search on the Anthony family computer for “fool-proof suffocation.” The search was conducted on the last day that two-year-old Caylee Anthony was seen alive.

Casey Anthony’s defense attorney Jose Baez joined Fox and Friends this morning to comment on whether the evidence would have changed the outcome of the case. Baez believes that the computer evidence actually would have benefited the defense more than the prosecution.

“I think, and it is my opinion, that this information was kept from the defense because it destroyed completely the prosecution’s timeline that Casey Anthony left at 12:50 that day. That’s what’s pointing the finger directly at Casey because she was last seen with Caylee when she was alive. And who was she last seen by? That was George Anthony leaving the house at 12:50, but there’s computer activity throughout the day.”

He concluded, “The problem that the prosecution had is they can’t have their cake and eat it too. She either left the house or someone is lying about the last time they saw Caylee alive.”