Investigators admit to overlooking what may have been a key piece of evidence in the Casey Anthony trial. On June 16, 2008, the last day two-year-old Caylee Anthony was seen alive, someone searched “foolproof suffication (sic)” on a computer inside the Anthony home. Prosecutors did not have this evidence at trial and say they wish they had.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office admits that it didn’t do an entire computer search inside the Anthony home, but only searched for specific words.

So, could this information have changed the outcome of the trial? Phil Keating says the answer is most likely no. He reminds us that of the few jurors who did speak publicly after the trial, they felt that there was just as much evidence that Caylee accidentally drowned as there was that she was murdered. Anthony’s defense attorney Jose Baez told Phil Keating, “I believe the cops knew about this but they buried it, because it destroys their case. If she’s on the computer, then she didn’t leave the house at 12:50 pm.”

This afternoon on Kelly's Court, legal experts debated whether the case could ever be reopened in light of the new evidence.