Some people may be shocked by this concept, but the Scottsdale Gun Club in Arizona encourages people to bring their guns to family pictures with Santa Claus. Members can have their pictures taken for $5 while non-members must pay $10.

Fox and Friends spoke to the gun club's general manager, Ron Kennedy, who said that the event has grown in popularity over the last three years and is now becoming a "regular holiday tradition."

Kennedy said he got the idea when a member of the gun club came in dressed as Santa and other members wanted to take pictures with him with their guns. At least one Democratic

lawmaker in the state has pointed out that the club is sending a bad message, especially after the gun attack that killed six people and wounded former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

"People have an individual choice to make. If they don't want to participate in this they don't have to," said Kennedy, who maintained that the club teaches proper safety techniques and requires people to take the firing pins out of their guns for the pictures.