Grover Norquist is facing resistance from the Republican Party for his anti-tax pledge. Norquist, who is the lobbyist and president of Americans for Tax Reform, appeared on Your World today to respond to the criticism he’s receiving from the GOP.

He argued, “There are two ways that you can damage the economy. One is to increase marginal tax rates. […] NFIB, the small business group said it would kill 700,000 jobs off the bat, probably worse than that.”

The other way to damage the economy

, Norquist explained, is to eliminate more than a trillion dollars worth of deductions in credits. “That’s what the other team wants,” he warned, “If you do that, you’ve just killed tax reform for a generation. Why? How do you ever get the rates down if you don’t have the deductions in credits?”

To those elected officials who took the pledge and are now backing away from it, Norquist says, “They need to focus on reforming government, not on raising taxes to pay for bigger government each year.”

Watch the rest of his interview below: