In Egypt, protesters are taking to the streets once again, this time to protest their elected President Mohammed Morsi, who in a stunning move granted himself near-absolute powers last week. The country's judiciary has strongly objected to Morsi's power grab, which came just days after he helped to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

The country's senior judges were scheduled to meet with Morsi today as Cairo's Tahrir Square swells with angry protesters.

On Happening Now, Jenna Lee interviewed a Christian businessman in Egypt, "Ash," who said all the country has done is trade one dictator - former president Hosni Mubarak - for a group that is "more than a thousand times worse."

"You're making a new Iran out of Egypt," Ash said, pleading with President Obama to stop supporting Morsi. He said Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have no experience with economic issues and the country's economy is being crushed because of it. Ash also pointed out that the Muslim Brotherhood has shut down newspapers and private TV stations, which he said "even Mubarak didn't dare to do."

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