There are more than half a million people who are homeless on any given night in America. Their circumstances vary, be it drug addictions, tough financial burdens, or simply no place else to go and no one to reach out to. But what if we told you one man hasn’t endured any of the above, and left the comforts of home by choice.

There is such a man and his name is Leon Reyes. Fox News’ Casey Stegall spoke with Reyes who lives in Texas with his wife and two-year-old son. For the month of November, he is living on the streets of Dallas a homeless man. “Everyone gives me a hard time because

I do have a place to go back to, you know, after the 30 days. But I’m here for a purpose,” Reyes said.

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Reyes’ social experiment has its critics, but there are homeless advocates who say anything that brings attention to homelessness is good. Texas ranks fourth for homelessness in the nation, behind California, New York and Florida.

He’s also a youth pastor, whose mission is to learn more about the homeless and himself. Reyes is doing more than that by providing hope. The hardest thing in his journey hasn’t been the hunger or lack of sleep. “It’s really lonely out here,” Reyes said, “no one cares […] they just walk by.”

Watch his story below:

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