Putting Black Friday somewhat behind us, shoppers are turning their focus to Small Business Saturday. It’s a day when mom-and-pop shops offer discounts and urge customers to buy local goods. After the destruction Hurricane Sandy caused, small business owners are hoping for a bit of holiday magic on this day.

Fox News correspondent Anna Kooiman reported from a gift shop in Babylon, New York. The store on Long Island usually has most of its sales during the last three months of the year, making devastation by the superstorm that much worse.

Owner Pat Turner said, “A lot of our customers

-- the Lindenhurst, Babylon Village, the West Islip area – they’re out of their homes. They’re living with relatives; they’re living all over the place. They’re trying to meet with FEMA, meet with insurance people […] they have no time to shop. They’re busy trying to put their lives back together again.”

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There was good news for businesses in the New York City area today after Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced $5.5 million dollars in matching grants will be made available for businesses most impacted by the storm. Even more amazing is that regardless of the toll many of the small businesses have taken, they're still finding ways to give back. Kooiman reports that several owners are taking their profits earned on Small Business Saturday and giving them back to Sandy relief efforts.

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