Black Friday may be over, but the crowds and mayhem lives on … through video. After chowing down on a Thanksgiving meal, or should we say the “pre-Black Friday” feast, shoppers headed to the stores in full force in hopes of scoring the hottest deals.

In Tallahassee, Florida, two people were shot at a Walmart parking lot after a fight broke out over the last parking space. Another fight broke out in Georgia over a sale on phones. In Overland Park, Kansas, a crowd yelled and fought its way into a Victoria's Secret once the gates were lifted.

Watch some of those scenes below:

Click here to watch two men brawl inside a mall, apparently over a pair of shoes.

Plus, why are people willing to put their lives on the line for a few deals? Dr. Keith Ablow's shocking answer.

At another Victoria's Secret in Tulsa, Oklahoma the overhead view shows a massive crowd charging the store.

A woman in Altamonte Springs, Florida cut the long checkout line. After being confronted she refused to move and started throwing her merchandise. Police had to pin her to the ground.

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