Fox News correspondent James Rosen has been reporting all morning from outside a Walmart in Landover, Maryland, where hundreds of protesters - including many Walmart employees who walked off the job on Black Friday - gathered to show their displeasure with the retailer's policies toward its workers.

Walmart workers across the U.S. have walked off the job on Black Friday, seeking better pay and benefits and also accusing Walmart of trying to prevent them from unionizing.

The sides have dueling complaints before the National Labor Relations Board, with workers accusing the company of retaliating against striking employees. Walmart filed a complaint alleging that the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) - which does not represent Walmart employees - of illegally organizing the strikes.

Rosen spoke with a D.C. reverend, Dr. Edwin L. Jones, who is leading the protest in Landover. Jones accuses Walmart of "disregarding" its workers, though he refused to call the company evil when asked by Rosen. He also conceded that the UFCW has been helping him organize the protest.

Watch the interview, and the tense confrontation between Jones and the store manager.