Jon Zois and Meredith Schwarzber moved into their home in Union Beach, New Jersey, just six months ago. Sadly, the home, which was virtually split in half, has become an iconic symbol of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

The couple says that the attention associated with the home, a photo of which was featured on the cover of Newsweek Magazine, has been difficult to deal with at times. Jon Zois said, “It’s a very iconic picture and, you know, it’s hard to believe the house is still standing, but I mean at the same time that was somebody’s home. You know, we lived there, all of our possessions were in there…”

Meredith Schwarzber described seeing the home for the first time, saying, “It was kind of unbelievable to see the side of your house just ripped off.”

The couple said that in the end the exposure their home has received has been good because it’s brought more attention to the destruction in their town.