On America Live today, Megyn Kelly spoke to political consultant Michael Reagan about his father's 1985 Thanksgiving address to the American people, in which President Ronald Reagan called on the country to celebrate its liberty.

He was asked what he thinks about recent polls that suggest more and more Americans believe they are increasingly losing liberties and that government is doing too much. Reagan brought up the decision this week by officials in Santa Monica, California, to stop putting up Nativity scenes after protests by atheist groups.

"Look at the story out of Santa Monica with the Nativity scene. It's been there for 60 years. It's not going to be there this
year. My father said when we cease to be one nation under God, we'll be a nation gone under," Reagan said, highlighting the erosion of Americans' privacy rights.

"There is no privacy in anything we do. Ask the Director of the CIA how his e-mails are working out for him. What about his right to privacy or anybody's right to privacy in the world that we live in today? It's amazing that we're in this kind of position but yet every time we get a chance to vote, we take away more of our freedoms until the next time," he said.

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