The violence continues along the Israel-Gaza border, marking the eighth straight day of attacks in the latest round of raised tensions between the two groups.

Explosions in Gaza City came an hour after a bomb exploded on a bus in Tel Aviv, wounding about a dozen people, according to reports. Fox News correspondent Leland Vittert is on the ground in the city, and told Fox News Wednesday morning that a person who works close to where the bomb went off could be heard saying "here we go again," referring

to the terror in the streets wrought by such car and bus bombs in the past.


Sources don't believe this morning's incident was the result of a suicide bombing, however, but rather a bomb put onto the bus itself. This fact indicates the attack was probably not the work of Hamas or Islamic jihadists trying to derail ceasefire talks.

As for those talks, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is en route to Cairo to continue ceasefire talks with leadership there.