A new documentary is raising questions about the O.J. Simpson murder case, claiming that a convicted serial killer named Glen Rogers murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Rogers, who is now on death row, said in a 1995 radio interview that he worked as a painter at a house next to Nicole Brown Simpson's and even went through her home once doing an estimate. He apparently produced receipts proving he did work as a painter in the area at the time of the murders.

Rogers claims O.J. Simpson paid

him to break into the house, steal a piece of jewelry and kill his ex-wife if he had to. In the documentary, a criminal profiler claims Rogers knows things about the crime scene and the sequence of events that only the killer could know.

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  • However, many key pieces of evidence against O.J. Simpson remain unexplained by the new theory.

    Megyn Kelly spoke with Mark Fuhrman, a detective who played a central role in the investigation. He maintained that the evidence still points overwhelmingly to O.J. Simpson being the killer and called out the Discovery Channel for its decision to air this documentary, which is narrated by Glen Rogers' brother Clay.

    The documentary also cites information from two books written about Glen Rogers.

    "The Discovery Channel, which might in the future be called 'The Clueless Channel,' takes this because (Clay Rogers) is hoping (he) can sell a couple hundred thousand copies of this book before everyone realizes this guy knows nothing, and Glen Rogers knows nothing. And let's not forget this: Glen Rogers has no appeals left on his death penalty and is awaiting execution. He really has nothing else to do," Fuhrman said.

    He then detailed the litany of evidence in the case which would seem to render impossible the idea of Rogers being the killer.

    Watch the full report and Fuhrman's analysis:

    Part 2

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