Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined Fox and Friends this morning to respond to the latest developments in the Middle East. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is heading to the region for talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Giuliani said that “without a doubt” this is a proxy war. “This is Iran getting the Palestinians to try to push the envelope as much as possible,” he continued, “Israel is trying to prepare itself for

if they have to take action against Iran.”

What can be done about the escalating violence? Giuliani laid out three options for dealing with situation. “Option number one is negotiate and do some kind of détente like we did with the Soviets. Number two is military attack. Both those options are pretty bad. The third one is let’s see if you can get a different regime in Iran.”

Giuliani also sounded off on the possibility of UN Ambassador Susan Rice taking over as Secretary of State. He retorted, “Do we want a secretary of state that actually believes that this was a spontaneous demonstration [in Libya]?”